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Rose History:

The Lady Marine Rose, Montezuma red in color, was presented to the Women Marines Association at the 11th Biennial Convention in Seattle, WA in 1980.

It was a ten-year dream of the Greater Oregon chapter from Portland (known as the City of Roses) to have a rose developed in this special color. The idea originated from chapter member, Eva Rae Briscoe, and the roses were grown especially for WMA by the Northwest Rose Growers Association at Woodland, WA.

National President, Mary Knapp announced the adoption of the Lady Marine Rose as the official WMA flower and the Greater Oregon chapter changed its name to the Lady Marine Rose chapter.

A National Rose Committee, responsible to place orders for the rose, was established and by 1982 there were some 2,000 Lady Marine Roses looming all over the United States, even in Japan, plus special gardens such as the Cypress Gardens in Florida, Rose Hill Memorial Garden Park in Whittier, CA, International Rose Test Garden in Oregon, and at the home of the Commandant of the Marine Corps.

All profits from the sale of the roses went to WMA’s scholarship program.
The Pacific Northwest winter of 1983-1984 was quite severe. Roseway Nurseries, who handled the Lady Marine Rose, lost the entire stock and were forced out of business.

Compiled by: Marjorie Miller
With the assistance of:
Olga C. Bullock
Theresa “Sue” Sousa
Virginia Allred
Emma Holmes

The Lady Marine Rose began its journey of life with The Greater Oregon Chapter in 1982. It was a dream to have the rose in Montezuma red (cap cord color) honoring women in the Marine Corps.

In 1983-84, the winter was severe. It set severe cold in December and January from Canada to the southern United States. Unfortunately, this destroyed the rose. Many Women Marines tried in vain to graph from a living “Lady Marine Rose” but the results would only produce a yellow rose.

Many thought the idea of a Women Marine Rose was gone forever. But like the Phoenix, a new rose is about to begin.

This year is the 100th Anniversary of the Women in the Corps. To honor all, The Lady Marine Rose Chapter OR-1 and Heirloom Roses, St. Paul, Oregon, is presenting a new rose.

Just like a Marine, our new rose is strong!

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