Molly Marine Award Presented

It is with great honor that OR-1 presents the distinguished Molly Marine award 2021 to Melanie Hall Morris

Melanie joined The Lady Marine Rose Chapter in 2016 , She served as the chapter treasurer from 2016-2018 and in spring of 2018 after the WMA convention in DC Melanie Morris assumed the duties as guardian of the Because She Served Rose and historian of the The Lady Marine Rose inception.

Melanie Morris is being recognized for  pioneering the vision of national distribution of the Because She Served Rose and ensuing it’s placement in noteworthy historical locations:

  • While at the WMA Biannual Convention of 2018 in Washington DC Melanie presented the raffle winner of our BSS rose
  • Molly Marine statue 3 roses were planted behind Molly  in the spring of 2019.
  • DC 3 roses are blooming at the AFRH in special dedication
  • Nebraska Fisher House project
  • Grace A Carle, the last sergeant major of the woman Marines and the 60th anniversary of the WMA
  • 2020  Willamette National Cemetery garden to honor our fallen chapter Marines.

Melanie continues to promote, track and maintain records for all Because She Serves projects

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