2023 Molly Marine Award Recipient

It is with great honor that OR-1 presents the distinguished Molly Marine award for 2023 to 2nd Lieutenant Sam Hang.

2nd Lieutenant Sam Hang was commissioned on September 5, 2022. She is a mustang, meaning she was prior enlisted, graduating from boot camp and rising up through the ranks to Staff Sergeant before attending Officer Candidate School and currently The Basic School in Quantico, Virginia.

Sam joined The Lady Marine Rose Chapter in 2018 while still serving on active duty. Sam selflessly volunteered to take over as chapter president of Lady Marine Rose when no other was willing or able. She took on this role while attending school at Oregon State University in Corvallis and served as the chapter president from 2020 to 2022.

Sam had the unique opportunity to serve as chapter president during a time when distance and isolation were encouraged. While COVID was tearing everything apart, Sam was the glue to hold it altogether for our chapter. She held meetings as well as social functions over Zoom, including the Christmas party. For those sisters technologically challenged, Sam would meet them to share her computer screen. Sam continued to demonstrate compassion and caring as she helped take care of our sister Marine, Allyson who passed away far too early from cancer.

Sam keeps a calm and patient demeanor. She took care of our older sisters and was there to spend time with visits and reaching out during COVID. She is dedicated to providing leadership, knowledge and strengthening the roles that service women like herself contribute to their community. She has demonstrated to be a valuable asset to the community. The Detroit Fires of 2019, Sam responded from the devastation by organizing a Christmas fundraiser to provide toys to children who had lost everything in the fires.

She accomplishes tasks with a positive spirit. Sam with the help from Marygene was able to organize and upload our chapters documents onto the google drive to help preserve our chapter’s history. It is for these reasons and others that the Women Marines Association, OR-1 chapter is proud to announce Sam Hang as our Molly Marine recipient for 2023.



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